How DigiBike works


Step 1

Download the DigiBike app from Apple App Store or Google Play and register an account, it shouldn't take more than a few minutes. You will then see all available bikes in your vicinity on the app's map. Click on the nearest bike and you will get a guide to show you how to get there.

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Step 2

Once at the bike you want to rent, click "Unlock bike" in the app and scan the QR code on the bike's lock and the bike will be unlocked immediately. You are now ready to go!

(First hour is free)


Step 3

When you have finished your ride, park the bike properly so that it does not prevent or hinder pedestrian and vehicle traffic. We prefer that you park the bike in a bicycle rack.

Lock the bicycle manually by pushing the lever on the lock down until the lock goes around the rear wheel. You will hear a beeping sound from the lock when it is properly locked.

Then press the "End journey" button in the app to complete the order and register the bike as returned. When the trip is complete, the payment will be deducted from your app-wallet.

Parking space

Sign up for a membership

This is how you sign up for one of our memberships.
- Click the menu in the top left corner.
- Click on My Membership.
- Click on Renew Membership and choose which level of membership you want.

Medlemskap Medlemskap Medlemskap

Redeem coupon code

Here's how to redeem a coupon code.
- Click the menu in the upper left corner.
- Click Payment Methods.
- Click Add a group code.
- Enter your code from the coupon and click Confirm
- Your coupon code is now registered.

Kupongkod Kupongkod Kupongkod


PitStop is a feature that lets you lock and unlock or switch to another DigiBike at any time during your trip and you still pay only 15 SEK for the whole hour*. This means you can stop at a store, have a coffee or visit a friend without having to pay further when unlocking a DigiBike for your trip home.

* The time for your 60 minutes begins when you unlock the bike for the first time, and continue to count continuously while using PitStop. During these 60 minutes you can make one stop.

Parking zones

The bikes must be parked within these areas marked on the maps below. Click to get a bigger picture

Karta Västerås Karta Lund


DigiBike's bikes are developed and manufactured to meet the toughest European safety standards. Our secure payment system handles all major credit cards and all transactions are encrypted using industry-standard SSL technology.


There is no law in Sweden saying that people over the age of 15 should wear a helmet when cycling. But of course, we would ask you to think about your safety and use a helmet while using our bikes!


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