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Turf Bonanza 2018


Turf Bonanza 2018

On the 19th of May, the World Cup in Turf will take place in Västerås and DigiBike will be on location during the day as well as contribute with prizes to the winners of the competition. Read more about Turf on uTurfs website, link below.

Lund kommun


Shutting off E22

During spring 2018, the bridge for E22 at Sölvegatan will be renovated. Construction work will require suspended roads for all traffic past the construction site.

Suspension time for traffic:

19 march - 21 may - Walking and cycling road on Sölvegatan under E22 closed.
5 april - 19 april - E22 closed between Gastelyckan (21) and Lund north (22).

Divertion of the walking and cycling road under E22

The walking and cycling road under E22 is closed from March 19 to May 21, 2018. During this period, the cycle path is led via Sångarevägen - Tunavägen - Scheelevägen.
The walking and cycling path needs to be closed for preparatory shafts before launching. After the bridge launch, the bike path must be closed for wire laying in the new bridge. All pipes and wires should be placed in the right place after the bridge is launched.
The diversion route for walking and cycling is 1.6 km. Extra bicycle racks will be set up in the area. Digibike bikes will be placed adjacent to the area.

More information about the shutdown of the E22 and the walking and cycling road on Sölvegatan under E22 can be found on spårvä



New website

The days are getting brighter, the weather is milder and the birds have begun to sing. We at DigiBike feel excited for the spring and have therefore also developed a new, bright and fresh website to meet the spring and the coming cycling season in the best possible way.

What do you think about the new page?
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DigiBike Enterprise account

We have just finished the development of our new enterprise account service. With a enterprise account at DigiBike you can easily use our bicycles for work trips, customer meetings, offer it as a salary benefit to your employees or just simply take a lunch break and enjoy the weather. Contact us at if you want to know more.